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 Definition and indefinite articles in English

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PostSubject: Definition and indefinite articles in English   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:04 am

Name is either hate or knowledge, and the name indefinite article in the Arabic language such as (never) to Atsahbh tool and a clear, if added to it an instrument definition (the definition, for example) became the name of knowledge (the cat), either in English, there are a tool for both knowledge and indefinite, and the definite in English is (The) precedes the name. And tools indefinite articles are (an, a) where the set (a) before the name that starts with a valid vote (voice correctly and not letter correctly only) and put (an) before the name that begins with a voice perhaps (voice perhaps, not a vowel only) and you will know why by explaining identifiers and indefinite articles in detail.

The definite (the)
The Definite Article

Used (the) definition of a tool is put before the names of the few (in my case singular and plural) and before countless names (the names of quantity), such as ...

the boy, the boys, the book, the music, the milk ..... etc

v (note) the only thing deserving of attention here is the definition of the word tool (the), where the word changes according to the names that follow the definition of a tool, as follows:

1. If it came (the) voice begins before the word correctly, they were uttered (y) / ᶞ ᵊ / like ...

the bus, the car, the man ........... etc

2. But if it was (the) word that begins before the voice of reason, they were uttered (a) / ᶞ ᶦ / like ...

the apple, the open door, the other one ....... etc

3. If the vowel pronounced like the voice of the true (the) uttered (y) as in Figure 1, such as ..

the European, the year, the young man, the university .... etc

4. Words and abbreviations that begin with the letter correctly and uttered by the voice perhaps, the (the) uttered (a), as in No. 2, such as ...

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Royal Air Force.
The FBI (The Federal Bureau of Investigation).

The RAF (The Royal Air Force).

Uses of (the)

ü are used (the) flag with the names of people in the case of combination, such as ...

The Johnsons have bought a new car. (Johnson family bought a new car)

We often stay at the Johnsons. (Often stay at the Johnson family)

ü are used (the) with the names of rivers, seas, oceans, such as ...

The Thames, The Missouri, The Rhine, The Atlantic ocean, The Pacific,

The Baltic sea ... .. etc

ü are used (the) with the names of hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, newspapers and the like such as ...

The Grand Hotel

The Hilton

The British Museum

The Metropolitan

The Met (Opera in New York)

The Times

The Observer

ü are used (the) with names such as in the case of a combination ...


West Indies

Canary Islands
The Netherlands

The West Indies

The Canaries

ü Do not use (the) lakes with names like ... (Lake Michigan)

ü Do not use (the) mountains with names such as individual (Mount Everest, Ben Nevis)

ü Do not use (the) with the names of streets, squares, parks, public buildings, such as known ..

Oxford Street
Oxford Street

Leicester Square
Leicester Square

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Bridge and Westminster
Westminster Bridge

Canadian airport
Kennedy Airport

Harvard University
Harvard University

Radcliffe College
Radcliffe College

ü put words (all, both, double, half) before the definite (the) such as ...

All the time.

Both the brothers.

Double the sum.

My brother could do this in half the time.

Tools indefinite articles (a, an)
The indefinite Article

· Be (a) by the single name, which numbered only starts properly, such as voice ...

a book, a car, a dog, a dream, a pilot ....... etc

· Put (an) by the single name, which numbered only perhaps start a voice like ...

an apple, an egg, an insect ..... etc

Important notes about tools indefinite

§ be (an) before words beginning with the letter (H) is silent, meaning that the (H) is not pronounced like the ...

an hour, an honest person, the honour, an heir .... etc

§ There are abbreviations and words that begin with a letter, but perhaps vowel pronounced like the voice of this is true, we will place (a) before, such as ...

a European, a year, a young man, a university, a one way, a uniform,

a UK passport, a US citizen .... etc

§ There are abbreviations and words that begin with a letter correctly, but the correct character pronounces this as a voice perhaps, we will place (an) earlier, such as ...

An X-ray-ray, an MP Member of Parliament

§ put these words (half, quite, such, what) by the indefinite articles such as tools ...

Ann has got such a sweet dag.

This is quite an interesting book.

What a big car!

I'll be back in half an hour.

§ Tools can not be used with the indefinite names is not numbered, but it can be used to (some) tools rather than indefinite articles such as ...

I would like some cheese
I'd like some cheese

§ possible that some of the names are the names of Maddoh or not numbered at the same time, but with a different meaning as in the following examples ...

No hair on your jacket

Has long red hair

We need a new laundry Ohra

These tools made of iron

There are huge traffic jams

I like toast with jam
There's a hair on your jacket.

She has long red hair.

We need to buy a new iron.

These tools are made of iron.

There was a big traffic jam.

I like jam on toast.

§ use (an, a) with expressions of time and that little time, such as ...

Earning $ 60 a day.

To live on 200 pounds a week.

The Brown travel abroad twice a year

I was leading the speed 55 miles per hour.
They make $ 60 a day.

We live on £ 200 a week.

The Browns go a broad twice a year.

I was driving 55 miles an hour.

Tinker without tools and the definition of
No Articles in English

Often are not taken to the use of identifiers and indefinite articles, according to the following ...

ü Do not use tools at all with the definite article is the few names such as ...

Can science explain everything in nature?

ü Do not use tools indefinite articles and the definition with the names enumerated in the case of a combination when the meaning is in general such as ...

Times have changed
Times have changed

ü Do not use the definite article and network with some of the expressions of time such as ...

We met at dawn
We met at dawn (day break).

........... Sunrise (dawn)
... ... ... .. At sunrise.

........... Sunset
... ... ... .. At sunset.

........... Pm
... ... ... .. At noon.

........... Dusk
... ... ... .. At dusk.

........... In the night
... ... ... .. At night.

ü Do not use tools indefinite articles and the definition with the names of meals that include a daily program, like a

I'll see you after breakfast.

I'll see you before lunch.

Tea is served at 4:30.

If we don't hurry up, we'll be late for dinner.

ü Do not use the definite article and the definition with the following expressions ...

I went to bed early.

He's still in bed.

We go to work at 7.

They left home about 9.

I'm going to college next year.

ü Do not use the definite article with names and the definition of science that are without titles or with titles such as titles

Nobility, military, political, as in the following examples ...

Dr Brown
Sir John Keel

Professor Smith
Lord Nelson

President Kennedy
Lady Hamilton

Senator Watt
Colonel Brow

ü Do not use identifiers with the holidays and indefinite articles such as ...

Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter (Easter Sunday), White Sunday

Independence Day .... Etc

v, but it takes the definite article (the) if added to the age, such as ...

The Christmas of 1999.

ü Do not use identifiers and indefinite articles with the names of the months and days of the week, such as ...

January, February ..... etc

I usually go fishing on Sundays.

v If the exception was added to a word such as ...

The following Sunday.

ü Do not use identifiers and indefinite articles with the names of the chapters in general, such as ...

Spring is a lovely season.

ü Do not use identifiers and indefinite articles with the names of continents, countries, provinces and large cities, even if it were unprecedented in such ...

Modern Europe

South East Asia

Ancient Greece

French Canada

Elizabethan England

Sunny Spain

Central Paris

v, but use the tool definition (the) with

The United Kingdom (The UK)

The United States (The US)

The European Union (The EU)

The Midwest

The Middle East
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Definition and indefinite articles in English
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