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 Possessive Adjectives –Pronouns

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PostSubject: Possessive Adjectives –Pronouns   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:07 am

Alambtdy in the English language may not notice the difference between the qualities of conscience and property, as the attributes of ownership are always followed by the name described, either the consciences of the property they are single words replace the proprietary recipes and be preceded by name as described in the following examples ...


Possessive Pronouns
Royal recipes

Possessive Adjectives

The old house I
The old house is mine.
Betty is
My house is old.

The old house you
The old house is yours
Your house is
Your house is old.

His old house
The old house is his.
His home is
His house is old.

Her old house
The old house is hers.
Her house is
Her house is old.

The old house him, her
The old house is its.
Home, her home is
Its house is old.

The old house for us
The old house is ours.
Our house is
Our house is old.

The old house you
The old house is yours.
Your home is
Your house is old.

The old house to them
The old house is theirs.
Home is
Their house is old.

Notes on the consciences of ownership

v use the consciences of ownership usually singly, as is the case at the end of messages, such as ...

Yours sincerely (BrE) (British English)

Sincerely or Sincerely yours (AmE) (American English)

Yours turly (BrE)

Truly yours (AmE)

v use pronouns ownership usually singly, as in the following example ...

Ø Both her relatives and mine were present at the wedding.

§ Both relatives and my relatives were present at the wedding party.

v use (of) with the consciences of ownership, as in the following examples ...

Is a friend of mine

Is a cousin to us
He's a friend of mine.

He's a cousin of ours.
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Possessive Adjectives –Pronouns
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