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 Learning with Real Life English

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PostSubject: Learning with Real Life English    Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:16 am

Learning with Real Life English

Real Life English offers English lessons and English coaching both in-person and over the Internet. Internet lessons can be done anywhere in the world with access to a computer and the Internet. Both text book based lessons and original custom designed lessons are available. Custom designed lessons are carefully crafted to fit the needs of the individual student.

Real Life English students are able to see and interact with their English coach (teacher) over the Internet. Students will be able to see and hear the coach interacting with the lesson on the computer screen, and speak with their coach throughout the lesson. Students will receive a copy of all notes the coach writes on the screen during classes, as well as the actual lesson and extra practice materials. Students can speak to the coach over the phone and chat (write) in instant messaging. Your coach will provide you with personalized exercises (practices), and review them with you right on your computer screen in real time.

Our goal is to provide lessons that are as close to the experience of being in a traditional classroom as possible! We provide the same high quality and personalized lessons that you receive in a traditional classroom with a highly trained English coach. An intimate(close) coach-learner (teacher-student) relationship is emphasized as an important component to learning a language.

The Coaching Method

We use a researched based teaching or “coaching” style to give students a better chance of success with English outside the classroom. Extensive research shows that students will achieve higher fluency (total language speaking and understanding ability) in English if they incorporate (mix) English into their everyday life. Students must increase their “input” (English received) and “output” (English “given” or spoken) beyond a daily English lesson in a classroom to achieve English fluency success. Students must also use English in a way that is interesting and motivating to them to be ultimately successful.

In addition to our classroom style lessons, English For Real life provides additional coaching service to help you increase your “input” and “output.” Your English coach can help you find and study a variety English sources that are at the right English level for you. We use sources such as movies, music, books, radio shows, news, TV shows, games, magazines, newspaper articles, websites, catalogs and more, that are specifically selected (chosen) for the individual student’s interests and English level. (If you would like to hear or see more about the current research on the neccessary “input” and “output” for learning English please ask!)

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Learning with Real Life English
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