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 Real-Life English: A Competency-Based ESL Program for Adults

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PostSubject: Real-Life English: A Competency-Based ESL Program for Adults   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:20 am

What is one of the main purposes of being able to read? To be able to communicate more effectively.
The ability to read is most valuable when it has real-life application. Real-Life English is a series designed to help students use their skills in everyday life. The Project Read office has five levels of the student handbook and an additional three workbook versions, each with multiple copies.
These books feature ten units that include personal communication, shopping, health care, and employment. The words that are most important to learn and understand are the words students will see most frequently. When words are common in daily language they are easier to recognize and learn.
Two of the advantages of this book include the workbook structure and variety of examples. For example, almost every page has blank spaces where students can fill in answers. This form of learning is very effective because it increases reader activity and tests what is being learned. Also, there are real-life examples contained in the book, like excerpts of the U.S. citizenship application.
Students want to learn reading skills they can use right away. These real-life lessons will immediately be considered useful, and the mastery of such topics will translate into feelings of success and excitement. Keep in mind that there are various levels for this material, which makes it useful to set goals with and measure progress.
Take advantage of this wonderful learning resource and become more fluent in the language of everyday reading!
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Real-Life English: A Competency-Based ESL Program for Adults
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