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 English Conversation In The Real World

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PostSubject: English Conversation In The Real World   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:22 am

There are two worlds in English conversation learning: the school world and the real world. Unfortunately, the school world is nothing like the real world.

In the school world of English conversation, students study books full of grammar "rules" and books full of individual vocabulary words. Students learn such rules as "never use a sentence fragment", "avoid run-on sentences", "never begin a sentence with 'and'", etc....

Yet, in the real world, native English speakers do all of these things every day. We frequently speak in fragments, we frequently use long run-on sentences, we frequently begin sentences with "and", and we frequently end sentences with prepositions.

Here's the ugly truth- English textbooks are written by old clueless academics who have very little understanding of the real world. Likewise, most teachers are more interested in their own authority and position than in helping their students prepare for real English conversation.

And so, students spend years in school vainly learning English from textbooks. They waste years taking tests and memorizing rules that are not really rules at all.

And when, after all of this work, they finally go to America or the UK-- they can't understand anyone and no one can understand them.

It's a tragedy. But it's an avoidable tragedy. The solution is to place your trust in yourself- not in schools. Dedicate yourself to learning real English conversation-- the real English spoken every day by real native speakers.

Our purpose at Learn Real English is to help you do that. That's why we recorded over 30 real English conversations. These are totally real conversations-- no scripts, no planning, no reading.... just totally natural and spontaneous conversations between native speakers.

Of course, such conversations can be difficult for you... and that's why we created lessons to help you understand these real conversations. We have Vocabulary lessons to help you understand the idioms and slang. We have the amazing Mini-Story lessons to help you effortlessly and intuitively learn the vocabulary, grammar, listening, and pronunciation. And we have text transcripts for everything, so you can easily understand even the most difficult conversations.

Enough tests. Enough textbooks. Enough school. It is time to prepare for the real world-- learn only from real Engli
sh conversations!
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English Conversation In The Real World
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