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 The most beautiful sites to learn the English language video and audio

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PostSubject: The most beautiful sites to learn the English language video and audio   Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:05 pm

Sites English language many as possible to find many, many of which are for beginners, but here we need sites that help us understand and absorb the language and we need to be done in Arabic to you If I were a Newbie and enters the education of English language for beginners of all content in English, you will benefit greatly as does the Western decide when to learn Arabic language, the teaching methods course will be in English, and, of course after the advance in level, God willing, you have to just rely on English as the only way to gain more knowledge in English

So I made sure that the sites here are all the lessons it offers in Arabic, but I do not mind to overcome this rule a little bit Here, one site in English only, but I placed here to be a later stage after that you learn some words and their meanings in English you can go to this site and hear the story, or lecture in English to be able to learn pronunciation of words and punctuation of letters after that you feel you have exceeded the stage of being a Newbie in English or at least I felt that the language tools have become more sophisticated you will find this site complements the experiences gained by a really useful and wonderful and free in a time when free sites wonderful English language are not many like the previous

Site really will not forget very useful

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The most beautiful sites to learn the English language video and audio
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