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 How To Improve Your English

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PostSubject: How To Improve Your English    Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:50 am

The seven secrets to improve your English!

The first secret: Learn about word stress
Tone for learning words. Words and tone intended to emphasize some of the letters in one word, is the golden key to speak in English and understand the language.
It is the best way to understand the speakers, especially if you encounter one speaks English quickly.
Example: If we take the three words:
photograph, photographer, photographic
Do you pronounce similar?
No, but different and the difference in tone is meant to emphasize some of the characters in one word, as one word sometimes contain two syllables or several sections and some of these sections when you pronounce them more stress than others.
For the example above letters Old Boketbha Balkapetl L is the Old Bensdd

Means to master the pronunciation of words necessary to know any characters in the word is Old emphasize it and know one word clips with the knowledge that some words are short and is divided into sections.
Dictionary usually shows clips of words and how to pronounce and is required of us then we are trying to hear how to pronounce words and emphasis on some of the letters without the other on the radio or through the movies.
Our first step, we hear and learn the correct pronunciation as well as we can after the pronunciation as the crow utter her family.


Second secret: Sentence Stress

Emphasis in the sentence. Emphasis on certain words in one sentence is the golden key to understanding the second language and speak English.

How to be stressed in the sentence?

Which meant that some of the words in one sentence we read louder than other words.

For example the following sentence:

We want to go

Do you read every word in this sentence as strong as any in the same volume level?

No, but read the important words louder than other words.

For example, important words which we know the meaning of a sentence: want / go

In these important words and phrases that will be read louder Bkabatl liter:





Difficult to explain that we are all about the stress in the sentences here.
But it is important to improve knowledge of the pronunciation in English.


The third secret: Listen! Listen! Listen!

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Some say that sometimes I do not listen to the BBC news on the radio because they speak quickly and I can not understand what they say.
Find them quickly when they talk to their words do not understand this exactly explains your need to listen to them.

How do you develop and do not listen or train?

When I was a baby Do you understand your native language? When you were three weeks or two months or even one year Do you understand everything?
Of course not, but to learn to understand the language you have to listen to it.
Think about it, you learned the Arabic language and by listening to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week after all this I learned how to speak and then I learned how to read and finally how to write. * But listening came first


Fourth Secret: Don 't listen!

Do not listen.

In the third secret Avatar we heard then say do not listen?

What is this?

At first you know the difference between the act (to listen) and the verb (to hear)?

To listen: The formula is known in Arabic means (listen)

To hear: is a passive means in Arabic (hear)

Sometimes listening is very difficult and requires effort, and in some times, it is better to hear only.
How do you mean? Leave the radio or occupy any bar in English but of course Maicon songs and not only listen but hear in this case, we find that the unconscious rather than listen to us and we will continue to learn, if we listened and we tried to understand but can Manlqt word Avatar alone and disappointed.
Avatar Atkhavon to listen, believe me Bnstmr learn this way, the important thing that we leave the radio or tape or TV and listening to the talks in English and you do not settle the brain is the Old Shi claimed the runs, hears and our subconscious is the Old Basama and learn.


The fifth secret: Improve your vocabulary with 5 words a day. The process of your stock in the words and the five words per day. Increase your knowledge of words are easy ...... How to Follow me
How many days in a year? Usually 365 days, if I learned in five words every day new goin the final product in about the year 1825 the word means a large amount of information that is not words that can be learned in other ways by reading or conversation, listening or otherwise.
Buy a notebook and the Register in which five new words every day and learned Bacon and soon you have an excellent level of words.


Password VI: 30 Minutes A Day Better Than 3.5 Hours A Week.

Thirty minutes per day is better than three and a half hours per week.

In fact, the study of English for half an hour per day is better than three and a half hours per week, regular and daily studies are much better than the school from time to time and may be in addition to this easier.
It is easy to find half an hour per day to study and be fixed so that if they are to be allocated era are at the same time each day Valantzam study is important.


Finally, the seventh secret:

Seventh secret: Revise! Revise! Revise!

See! See! See! If checked will develop 100% of your education

What is a review?
Means to look again, you have to be organized on this.
If I learned something that you should codify then you should look at it three times:
* After one day.
* After a week.
* A month later.
After each audit test yourself ...
Learning, review, test
Review, test
Review, test
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How To Improve Your English
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