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 Stronger education program English

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PostSubject: Stronger education program English   Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:11 am

Like a Star @ heaven
Cafe English is the world's biggest spoken English learning software. This huge software has 40 chapters spread in 6 CDs. Each chapter focuses on a specific part of your daily life. Rich multimedia ******* with tons of audio and video to give you lots of listening and speaking practice. Multiple exercise types to keep you engrossed in learning.
You can even talk to on-screen virtual characters through your headphone-mic and build up your fluency quickly.
This easy to use software totally eliminates the keyboard. All exercises are done either by the voice or the mouse. Even novice users will find it easy to use. 'Divya' an animated multimedia character helps you learn how to use each exercise.
With over 240 minutes of video, and 1000s of minutes worth of audio, this is the BIGGEST spoken English learning course ever created.

Here are some of the talks in this program and that they face in the hotel or at the office or hospital or university, or Restaurant

Greeting someone
Introducing yourself
Likes & Dislikes
Permissions & requests
Offering help
Giving your opinion
Agreeing & disagreeing
Seeking directions
Sympathising & Apologising
Making Appointments
Making Suggestions
Expressing Possibilities
Talking to a stranger
Going away briefly
Ending a conversation
Making sure of things
Asking someone to repeat
Checking that you have understood
Asking for information
Asking preferences
Asking if someone can do something
Asking if you have to do something
Asking about a course
At an office
At a business meeting
At a gift shop
At a hotel
At a party
At a restaurant
At an interview
At the airport
Planning a vacation
Talking over the phone
Visit to a bank
Visit to a doctor

Download from here

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Stronger education program English
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