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 5 Rules you need to know

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PostSubject: 5 Rules you need to know   Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:12 am

1 - Atmakr rules
This rule seem strange to speakers of English as a second language, but of the most important rules. If you want to pass the exam must study the rules. However, if you want to become a fluent speaker, you should try to study without a study of the rules.

Study the rules and Stbtik Otsttk, you will think in twelve rules create wholesale instead of automatically saying, such as slang. I know that a small percentage of English speakers do not know more than 20% of the rules of English. Many learners of English as a second language more than they know the rules of public speakers. Possible to say with confidence from my experience. I am speaking English the years specialized in English literature and I know Aghanngelezah for more than 10 years. With so many of my students know more details of the rules that I know of. I simply look at the definition and apply it but I do not save it.

Ask my friends sometimes Alangelizin public some of the rules, only few of them who knows the correct answer. However, they remained in the English and can read, write, listen and communicate effectively.

Do you want to be able to conduct acts, or do you want to speak English fluently.

2 - Learn and Study sentences
Many students learn the meanings of words and trying to configure words together to form inter correct. I am surprised the amount of words that students know, however They can not configure the correct phrase. Why they Yderson sentences and phrases. Children learn when they learn English words and sentences together. Likewise, you need to tickets and learn sentences.

If you know 1000 words, however, may not be capable of forming a single sentence correctly. But you know this one sentence you can configure hundreds of correct sentences, you will be surprised at the amount of sentences which can correct what she said. Finally, when you know the 1000 total will be almost fluent English speaker.

The basics of speaking English this section is the largest example to make sentences with the words digital independent Atqda for hours and hours to learn many different words. Instead of that took advantage of this time to memorization of sentences and will be closer to speak fluently.

To Attorgom

When you want to configure the English phrase, to Attorgom the word to your language. Almazy of the floor will be completely different and will be a slow and unfortunate if I did this. Without it, learning phrases and sentences to not be so needy of thinking in which the word you say. Should speak spontaneously

The other problem of translation you would try to incorporate the rules of translation, which I learned. Translation and reflection on the rules for the establishment of inter method is incorrect and should be avoided.

3 - reading and listening is not enough. March to talk you hear.
Speaking, listening, reading one of the most important areas in any language. The same is true in the English language. However, talking is the only requirement to be fluent, natural for infants and children to Athdtho first and then write. So it's the natural order to hear and speak and read and write.

The first problem
Is not it strange that schools across the world learn to read first and then write, and finally talk. Although this is different, the main reason that when you learn a second language need to read and understand the lessons learned. Therefore, although the arrangement of natural right is to listen and then speak Osma to read and write.

The second problem
The reason is that many people can read and listen as they practice speaking. But to speak English fluently. Must be exercised to talk. Community Cafe when you listen to part only, and when you study for Atstma only spoke aloud lessons Tstmaha Matsamah and March. March so that he can be heard to speak your mind and your mouth to do so without effort. Doing so will be able to speak English fluently.

4. Coexistence
Being able to speak English is not related to the ability of intelligence. Anyone can learn how to speak any language. This is a fact proven by anyone in the world. Each person can speak one language at least. Whether you're smart or you lack some of the mental strength you are able to speak one language.

This will happen whether you are surrounded by a language all the time. In your country you hear, and speak English constantly, possible notes that many people who speak English well are the schools speaking English. They speak English not because they go to school speaking English but because they have the environment surrounded with people speaking English consistently.

There are also some people who study abroad and learn quite a bit. Because they went to school speaking English, but found friends from their country and they Aimarssoa English.

You are not obliged to go anywhere to become a fluent English speaker. You will need to surround yourself only in English. Possible to do so by making the rules with your friends either case, you will speak English only. Can listen to iPod and listen constantly to English sentences. As you can see from the results as possible to achieve by changing the environment around you. Coexistence with the English, you will learn many times faster.

Copy talkenglish Alaovljen now ready for download, in this version you can benefit more than 8000 audio file so surround yourself completely in English. There are more than 13.5 hours of audio files is available on the Site. All talks and sentences available on version Alaovljen even if you do not have many friends etymology you can surround yourself with English player mp3. This package is available Alithmal English page. Take advantage of this opportunity and start learning English faster. Click on the link or click on the english-download.aspx.

5 - Study the right material
Learn any common phrase is correct, "practice makes permanent." This is far from a reality. Maatmarsh practice only makes permanent. Exercised if something wrong will become familiar with the saying wrong. It is therefore important to examine the materials commonly used by most people.

Another problem is that many students are studying the news. Although the official language, she is very content and those who use it politically, not used in everyday life. It is important to understand what they say but this is more advanced than the lessons must be examined after learning the basic rules of English.

Study English with a friend is not a spokesman Ami good and bad at the same time. You must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages with the talk with a friend is not a local spokesman for English. Practice with someone who does not Ami will give you practice. You can also Thvzoa yourselves and explain basic mistakes. But you will learn the bad habits of some of you if you are not sure what is right and wrong is swept from the sentences. Make time for that practice to exercise the right material I have learned, and do not know what to say

In short, study the lessons of English, which you can trust, this is the proper and usual
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5 Rules you need to know
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