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 Learn English

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PostSubject: Learn English   Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:41 pm

I want to learn English - How to learn English?
False a lot to this question by students who wish to learn the English language, may see some of that learning English is difficult and almost impossible to see others, and of course there are people who see it very easily. So learn the English language the focus of the same people and the extent of their abilities to learn a new language, especially English language learning. But there are some things you should know that the steps to be learning English is very easy. So what are these steps and what extent their impact on learning English quickly and effectively. I will mention to you in detail

Learn English - the first step
Listen and listen and then listen to the dialogues, discussions and talks in English, even if you do not understand a single character can be said and the purpose here is to accustom the learner to hear, then this kind of sounds - the word vocabulary.

Learn English - second step
Does not translate as saying Matrade from Arabic to English phrases, but save as it is by heart and used to express what Matrade and repeated as Matsttia, this process facilitates fluency in English and prevent Tosrk During the conversation in English.

Learn English - the third step
To Atakgel to speak in English even if Matcolh the mistakes and try Continuing Permanent certainly lead you to success. I repeat thee and shame to speak in English because it will prevent you from learning.

Learn English - The fourth step
Learning the sounds of English and the correct way to pronounce it helps you learn to read properly, Keeping words alone is not enough for reading, but learning the correct pronunciation of sounds gives you a greater chance to read the words that did not pass you by.

Learn English - Step Five
Learn the rules of the English language will light the way for you to learn the English language correctly and properly, learn the correct sentence structure and master the basic principles of writing is very important. Because the difference between the learner and the learner academic slang - the language of the street.

Learn English - Step Six
Put a schedule for yourself in which you save the five items a day reading and writing (dictation), this will generate you a wide range of vocabulary after a short period of time The more inventory you have a language the more your strength in the English language.

Learn English - Step VII
Is not limited to learn English to learn the vocabulary only, but there are other things to interest them greatly, and the first of these things and most important of which is the terminology in the English language there are many terms that have a meaning entirely different vocabulary itself if it were individually so I advise you to learn the terminology of English as rapidly as possible .

Learn English - Step Eight
Make learning English a hobby is trotted out for your heart, not Xi is imposed on you by force, Love of the material studied by speeding up the time to learn I advise you mix fun learning by watching programs and TV English non-translated and offered by many of the channels or even localized, provided a focus on the spoken words and not on the translation .

Learn English - Step Nine
Do not say I mastered the English language and thus stop learning, I advise you to remain in the case of continuous learning, and even tried to dive into the deep inside whenever you had the opportunity the English language is not bounded by the limits of the Sea.

Learn English - Step Ten
Test yourself on a regular basis and corrected misses you as much as you may know something of English and professional English language is something else. In the beginning, learn the English language spontaneously but then we must evaluate and correct Matalmnah that was a little bit of error.

Learn English - Step eleven
Iitqh the basis of self-learning English was the more your confidence high as you want to use more in the English language. On the contrary, you are trying to avoid talking in English fear of falling into error.

Learn English - Step Twelve
Make sure everything is as Akhtt more more more I learn anything new learned to be difficult at first, but continue to practice daily and self-confidence and determination certainly will lead you to success and excellence.
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Learn English
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